Fiduciary Litigation

Disputes and Claims

When interested parties of a trust or estate enter into disputes, cost and complexity result.

Administration Issues

Multi-Jurisdiction Administration


Administering trusts and estates across state or national boundaries creates complexity in both filing ancillary probates and taxation issues.

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Illiquid Trust and Estates & Ceditor Disputes


When a trust or estate has liquidity problems, it may be necessary to disallow claims, negotiate work-outs, or even solve the issues with Bankruptcy.

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Spousal and Family Claims


Estate and Trust laws allow spouses and families of deceased persons to assert claims and take a portion of the estate in some instances.

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Estate and Trust Tax Issues

Estate and Gift Transfer Taxes


For larger estates with values in the millions, tax filings are necessary and post-mortem tax planning can make a tremendous difference to the estate.  Planning ahead of time with trusts and gifts is the most effective way to address taxes, though a number of options are available after death as well.

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Business Transfer and Taxes


Closely held businesses might need to be sold or liquidated to cover estate taxes unless careful planning is put into place ahead of time.  While some post-mortem planning and tax elections can be helpful in transitioning businesses, the rules are complex and the consequences considerable.

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Trust and Estate Income Taxes


The taxation of trusts and estates, addressed in Subchapter J of the Internal Revenue Code, is a complicated and important set of rules.  Understanding how trust and estate income and distributions can impact tax attribution and tax rates is critical to efficiently managing trusts and estates.

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